HES Activities

Our company has certified HES (Hokkaido Environmental Management System).

*What is HES? (Only available in Japanese)

Standard Objective for Environment
<Basic Principle>
CAV Inc. will make compatible of business management and the safety of environment, and aim a betterment for the livelihood in Hokkaido by being active with environmental improvements.

CAV Inc. will reduce environmental impact while on sales of visual and sound machinery, telecommunication construction, rental services on machinery and operators, and other business services.

  1. The company will be aware of the environmental impact from our business services, and make efforts to reduce any harm as much as possible.
  2. The company will obey any requirements concerning the environment.
  3. We will deal with the following causes of environmental impact from our services and activities.
    ・Reduce general waste by recycling
    ・Reduce electricity usage in offices
    ・Encourage green procurement
  4. In order to enforce the basic objective, employers will become aware and become more active, as well as making this activity public.

In order to achieve the basic objectives, environmental purposes and goals will be set, all employers will become more active, and there will be periodic reconsiderations.

Established 11/1/2008
CAV Inc.
The president and representative director Masatoshi Miyata