We started our company from 1995, when the department of photography and camera sales from Koeido Inc. was producing audiovisual aids and has been using in the education industry division, and became independent as an affiliate company.

From then on, due to our highly advanced technology of visual and sound systems, our performance spread to public facilities, school relations, and broadcasters. We were able to become the biggest industry in the market.

In order to expand our business, we became part of San-Esu group “3 Ss: Service(Satisfaction of customer), Speedy(preferential treatment and rapidly deal), Safety(Safety,Relief,control of quality)”, and aimed to meet the needs of our consumers.

Since 2015, we also have been pushing forward to improve our technological strength and create new values with Daiichi Denpa Kogyo Inc., our subsidiary, which made various achievements in wireless communication business for Civil Aviation Bureau and communication projects for Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau.

CAV aims for the customers’ trust and Confidence towards our company, as well as continuously Advancing our products in order to satisfy their needs through Value Creation. We challenge ourselves constantly for betterment of the company.